We understand that at times contact information needs to be shared in order to secure a booking. However, to ensure a safe and secure experience for all parties, we do require that the following set of rules be followed when communicating on Sharecube:

  • All conversations surrounding a booking should take place on the Sharecube platform, except during a site visit or phone call.
  • Get as many details about the booking to ensure you can move forward with it, before scheduling an in-person meeting or phone call.
  • When a site visit or call are deemed necessary, a date and time for the meeting should be agreed upon. Once this agreement is reached, the space address and phone numbers can be shared to facilitate the meeting.
  • Immediately after a site visit or phone call, the conversation should return to the Sharecube platform.
  • When it comes time to confirm the rental, all payments must be processed through the Sharecube platform. This ensures, the benefits of a Sharecube booking for all parties. 

When these policies are adhered to, the Sharecube team can support you throughout the booking process and ensure that:

  • Payment is verified and secure. 
  • We can help resolve and manage disputes should they arise.